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About Us

Our Staff

Our highly trained personnel are dedicated to respond with promptness, sensitivity and integrity. They are thoughtful and compassionate people who truly empathize and understand the difficulties that arise with people having limited mobility.

Our Drivers

  • Have passed a criminal and driving record background check
  • Carry a CDL license with a passenger endorsement
  • Carry a current DOT Medical certification
  • First Aid certified
  • CPR certified

Our Equipment

White Tail Transportation vehicles range from six-seat passenger mini vans to twenty-seat passenger wheel chair equipped Ford 450 diesel and gasoline buses. Each vehicle meets all Federal Department of Transportation maintenance and insurance requirements. Our in house certified Ford master mechanic conducts all vehicle inspections, documents all repairs and is available 24/7, should an emergency arise. All vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, seat belt cutters, and two-way radios keeping each vehicle in constant communication with our dispatch office.